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    Through using Focusing in her classroom, Lucy has come to believe that learning comes through our bodies and they are indeed "the learning zone". Thus, the intellectual development of children is not isolated from their emotional, social, physical and even spiritual development.

    Lucy uses a child-centred approach to connect to the natural curiosity and innate desire for learning that all children have within themselves. At the outset of her career, a major influence on her philosophy for teaching came from "The Sense of Wonder" by Rachel Carson. It is her aim to have children become highly motivated and nurture a strong awareness of their connection to their ecological selves. With this awareness around holistic education, she tutors children in all subject areas. When needed, Lucy calls upon other resource persons as associates specializing in particular subject areas.

    Why would we be Teaching Children Focusing?

    In order for children/people to be able to become life long learners most effectively, it is important to address the stumbling blocks to that process.  These stumbling blocks originate in the life experiences of our children due to the political, social, economic and environmental climate of our world today.  The challenges most teachers/parents meet when interacting with children on a daily basis are issues of self esteem, conflict solutions, peacemaking, decision making, issues of fear/insecurity, respect for self and others, grieving and being stuck in the creative process.

    How can children be given tools to assist them in dealing with the unknowns in their lives?  Focusing as a way for overcoming these stumbling blocks is very simple for children to learn.  It is a process that honours the wisdom that we all have inside, helping us to understand ourselves and the ways in which we behave. The sooner we can connect children to this process the quicker the habit of on going “feltsensing” will be internalized. This is similar to the facility with which young children actually learn another language. It allows compassion to grow for ourselves and others and helps transform stumbling blocks into building blocks.


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