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    Designing and Offering Rituals

    Have you ever planned a funeral, a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, a new job, parenthood, a divorce, a birth, a dying? Did you wish to do so in a loving conscious way showing the need to mark the occasion or the transition?

    The verb to celebrate is not often tied to the concept of ceremonies in this world of electronic cards, telephone wishes, and easy access to communicating and connecting. The vital element of being present, truly present has been an endangered one in times of work, stress and deprivation from sleep, nature, joy and loved ones.

    The Learning Zone (aka our very own body) holds a wisdom that goes back to early days of the human species. Our ancestors knew something that may have, in the present days of copious knowledge, been forgotten.

     One of those wisdoms that lingers in the dusty corners of our awareness, or deeply hidden in the bone, is the importance of ritual in our lives. Deep and meaningful ritual has been diminished, even lost to many, as religion, where once we may have glimpsed ritual, has become more and more irrelevant in the lives of men, women and children.

    Our journey together on this space ship we call Planet Earth has taught us since the beginning of time that change is inevitable. Our lives are lived in a rhythm of dark and light, moving forward and backward and forward again. The sun, the moon, the plant and animal life we share this space ship with, all remind us of the seasons in our lives. From our early history of inhabiting this planet, these important changes have been marked with rituals. The mysteries of change were celebrated in a process of noticing, remembering and marking new beginnings. The Ancient Ones knew about the hidden fears of transitions that needed to be addressed with bonfires, dancing, drumming, chanting, feasting, purging and appropriate marking of the rhythms of life and death, illness and health.

    At Focusing in the Learning Zone we offer to design personal and meaningful rituals for any occasion you may wish to mark. We come to your home for a two hour visit after a one hour consultation done over the phone. This is a delightful gift that can be given to yourself or someone you love.

    In The Rituals:

    Details are discussed by appointment.
    To prepare something unique for each individual, we need a minimum of ten days.
    The fee of $175.00 includes planning and materials.
    The down payment of $50.00 is due before the consultation.
    The balance is to be paid in full before the agreed date.
    The number of participants is between 4 and 7 people.
    The number of facilitators can be one or two.
    The location and all other details to be determined in the consultation.
    Call 416 690 4862 or email the_learning_zone_to@hotmail.com


    What people say:

    “The experience of remembering the events which shaped me and of celebrating them as sacred milestones was truly transformative.  Lucy’s creativity in designing my birthday ritual and her sensitivity in holding the space enabled me to honour my story and find new meaning in it.”

    -- JK  visual artist

    “Having had the dream to move into the country from the BIG CITY had been a dream of mine for a very long time. I finally took the plunge after living in the same house for 25 years. My thoughts where filled with excitement to move into a lovely house in Prince Edward County and of course all the enormous amount of work that comes with it.

    One day a friend phoned and asked if she could come with Lucy Bowers to do a ritual.

    ‘For what?’ I asked her. ‘To pull up your roots! It's important you do that to be able to plant your roots successfully in your new house.’ I was curious, gave permission but did not give it much thought although I know of the huge importance of rituals.

    On the day we had chosen Lucy and my friends arrived. Lucy arrived with a knapsack and a large bag filled with many items. Again I was curious but had no idea as to what to expect. It seemed Mary Poppins had entered my house. Lucy grabbed items from her backpack and her second bag over the next two hours. She offered a selection of many wondrous and powerful rituals that can only be described as sacred. I felt so loved and cared for, especially when Lucy invited my friends to kneel down on the floor, wash my feet and massage a lovely potion into them. The ‘soil’ of 25 years in this home was being lovingly cared for and removed from my feet to be planted in new ‘soil’. My tears welled up, as I experienced a powerful divine presence throughout my body...it was truly a moment of grace.

    Although moving has brought many and huge challenges, I never did pine for my old house.

    Lucy's ritual allowed me to let it go in a very loving way and I am eternally grateful.”

    -- EW consultant

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