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  • Anne Walker poster

    Anne Walker whose beautiful song writing isĀ  so resonant with Focusing is once again singing in concert near me, the east end of Toronto. If you come out for that evening you will be so pleased that you did... and I will get to see you!

    Anne is a singer/songwriter based in Toronto. As a songwriter, she writes with heart and soul and mind. Strong, well-crafted lyrics present images and stories that trigger moments of recognition in the listener. There is an integrity and honesty that springs from deep feeling and spirituality in its broadest sense.

    As a singer, her haunting voice is strong, clear and expressive. Often drawing comparisons to Anne Murray and Jane Olivor. Anne's rich voice lends itself well to the variety of her material.

    Although based in Toronto for many years, Anne Walker was actually raised on a small farm in the beautiful, rolling countryside of Central Ontario. These roots in a country life are evident in the contemplative nature of her music and the quiet strength of her words.

    "This is one of Canada's biggest undiscovered talents. This lady is a great writer."

    Al Graham

    "a lovely, fragile voice akin to that of JenniferWarnes"

    Mitch Potter, The Toronto Star

    "I don't know where beauty comes from. It's some sort of mystery. But Anne is indeed one of its most precious and artistic channelers."

    Gretta Vosper

    "a big, powerful voice"

    Dirty Linen


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