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  • .Zack BoukydisZACK BOUKYDIS PH.D.


    I first learned focusing in 1972 from Gene Gendlin and his graduate students at the University of Chicago. I found Gendlin after early training in Carl Rogers’ client-centered therapy.

    Since my early training, focusing and listening have been central to my life and my teaching.

    I have taught focusing for thirty-seven years and am a Focusing Coordinator with the International Focusing Institute (New York, USA).

    In the 1990’s, I participated in a supervision group with Gene Gendlin and others while Gene was writing his book Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. I have taught classes and provided supervision in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy for twenty years.

    I also participated in training on ‘Thinking at the Edge’ (Gendlin’s integration using focusing as a companion to our thinking processes).

    Currently, I live in Budapest with my family. I provide training and supervision (in English) on:

    1. Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.
    2. Focusing with Children and Families.
    3. Thinking at the Edge (using focusing with thinking and creative processes).

    I have a study group on Focusing-Oriented Parent-Infant Consultation (using focusing with mothers, parents and their babies) and am doing training and supervision on this work with colleagues from several countries.

    My new book: Collaborative Consultation with Parents and Infants has just been published.

    I provide individual consultation and psychotherapy based on Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy and dyadic consultation based on Focusing-Oriented Parent-Infant Consultation.


    Focusing with Parents, Babies, and ‘the Inner Infant’.
    Bringing Focusing to Work with Parents and Babies.

    This presentation will have two parts. The first will indicate how focusing has been integrated into different types of supportive work with parents and infants. This work includes ‘dyadic consultation’; working directly with mothers (fathers, others) and infants together A new international training program – Focusing based consultation with parents and babies will be outlined. The second part will indicate what is unique to ‘focusing and the inner infant’; including how to attend to ‘a-verbal’ phenomena; and how tastes, touches, smells, and feels may be ‘resonated with’ in the same way one resonates words or images during the focusing process. The presentation will include exercises emphasizing how to attend to preverbal, sentient, ‘inner infant’ experience in focusing exchanges.

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