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  • Susan Watson B.A. is presently a teacher with the Toronto Catholic District School Board teaching guidance to children from Susankindergarten to grade 8 (ages 3 to 14). Previously, she has taught special needs classes, an area in which she is certified, as well as a guidance counsellor.

    Susan has been a Focuser since 1989. Her teachers were Ed McMahon Ph.D., Peter Campbell Ph.D. and Lucy Bowers. Susan participated in the First International Children's Focusing Conference in Hungary in 1998 where she shared Focusing work in her classroom with her special needs children. In 2002, she accompanied Lucy Bowers to New York City upon invitation from Lori Ketover to give workshops on Focusing with children. She has also given introductory presentations to teachers in her Board.

    She finds Focusing beneficial in counselling students and in particular enjoys using Elevator Rides when the possibility presents itself.

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