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  • Lucy Bowers is a CFP and a Certifying Coordinator with the Focusing Institute (see www.focusing.org). Lucy Bowers

    She has been retired from the Toronto Board of Education as a teacher and working with Children Focusing since 1989. Her early Focusing teachers since 1984 have been Ed Mc Mahon, Peter Campbell and Kevin Mc Evenue.

    She enjoys giving workshops and training through The Learning Zone and is presently working at a school in Toronto mentoring classroom teachers with Focusing. She teaches all levels of Focusing, works one to one by telephone and in person using various modalities such as Bio Spiritual Focusing, Whole body and Interactive. A Changes group has been coming to her home to practice Focusing since 1991. Lucy participated in several Children Focusing conferences since the first one in 1998 and hosted the 3d one in Toronto in 2002. She is looking forward to hosting you again in the fall of 2012.

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