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    Dr. Atsmaout Perlstein lived for 30 years in Chicago, and returned to Israel in 2000.  Atsmaout  was the first Focusing Coordinator in Israel and  she co-founded the Israeli Focusing Center in 1995.   She is a clinical psychologist for the past 28 years  and integrated Focusing Oriented Therapy into her work.  Atsmaout works  with children, couples and families with complex problems, such as depression, anxiety, traumas, sexual abuse and complex  negative life patterns.

    Atsmaout's vision is to integrate the Focusing language and its principles in everyday life.  As such she and Etty Katz developed the crossing between Focusing and KOL-BE.

    KOL-BE: The Intersection where the Implicit becomes Explicit

    KOL-BE is a human body figure that is  special, attractive and facilitates a  meaningful Focusing process in a short time. It uses different objects with different qualities to represent felt senses and localize them on the body figure.

    The name KOL-BE has two meanings: the inner voice of my being and everything that is within me!  The child and the adult who work with KOL-BE learn to accept, contain and empathize with all the places that are in there. The attitude and interaction  with the Felt Sense represented on KOL-BE brings about spontaneous felt shifts and fresh breaths in difficult inner experiences.

    In this workshop participants will learn and experience the language of art and symbolization, clearing a space, flooding and the impact of the inner critic on the body's experience. Clinical cases with children and adults will also be presented.

    Innovator of the Human Figure

    Etty Katz is an artist and an innovator of different techniques to circumvent cognitive dysfunctions in children. She has been working with the figure for the past 25 years. She has used it with ADHD children with variety of cognitive and emotional/behavioral problems. Her innovative programs have been integrated in 50 schools in Israel.

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