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  • 2 p.m. Saturday September 29, 2012

    To Move and Be MovedStefanie Maddens
    with Stefanie Maddens




    I’m a psychotherapist working with children, adolescents and families with emotional problems. I have my own private practice and I also work in a child development and rehabilitation center.  In therapy we search for ways to develop further, emotionally and as a person. For me therapy is accompanying children to find their own personal path in life.  I experience that creative ways are often a more natural way of expression than words.  As movement and creativity play an important role in my life, this is also reflected in my work (drawing, painting, movement, music,…).   


    Our body knows, our body tells.  Our body tells us the story of our life, our existence. Our body is our encyclopedia of our life story.  Everything that happens to us has been stored and reflected in our body. 
    We move and allow ourselves to be moved and Focusing helps us to deepen the process.  I want to invite you to use movement as an entrance, a way to open up all the inside stories… for many children movement is a natural way to explore or to enter their inside world, playfully and seriously, seeking a way to expand their ability to be spontaneous, honest, responsible and truthful.  From movement all options are open and everything can flow, can come…movement, words, images,…   In this short workshop I invite you to move and be moved with whatever comes and let it unfold and let it carry us forward…
    Bring your willingness to learn, play and dive in…

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