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    Focusing Trainers Certification Program

    The following modules have been developed by Lucy Bowers to offer an opportunity for those interested in being Trainers in Training with the intention of being certified as Focusing Trainers or more recently named as Focusing Professionals. You can participate in these modules by telephone, Skype, or in person.

    Click here for registration form.


    The benefits of taking these modules:

    Time Frame

    The time frame of this program will be two years with approximately 500 hours (of which half will be logged supervised and unsupervised practice).  Additionally, self and group evaluation will be a component of the program.


    The fee will be $250.00 CAD (cash/cheque or Pay Pal) for each participant (per module) to be fully paid upon registration. A first time student participating in a module is eligible for a discount when registering with another student. i.e. $400.00 for two. There is also a discount for any additional workshops. 

    Please note:


    Level One Exploring the Felt Sense
    Level Two Deepening Listening Skills using the work of Dr. J. Klein Ph.D. called Interactive Focusing
    Level Three Reflecting on Relationship using the Whole Body Focusing work of Kevin McEvenue.
    Level Four Discerns What Comes Next? Searching for action steps to move forward in Focusing using the work of Dr. Robert Lee Ph.D. called Domain Focusing.

    Please note that various levels may have been offered and taken at one time by other Coordinators. This will entail constructing a tailor-made program for the individual interested in certification looking at previous experience. As you can see from my Level descriptors, I encourage a broad base of experience with other Focusing teachers for my training program. Together the potential student and I will assess their experience to meet the requirement for my certification training.

    Additional Modules

    Some examples of Modules outside of the Levels Program that I present and that are available to any organization or individual who may have an interest are:


    Have Workshop will Travel

    Lucy Bowers
    416 690 4862

    Skype: <lucyatthelearningzone>
    Certifying Coordinator, Focusing Trainer and Teacher
    The International Focusing Institute N.Y.
    The Learning Zone Toronto

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    Registration Form:

    Mail to Lucy Bowers with a cheque or allow me to invoice through Pay Pal

    Mailing address:
    94 Birchmount Road
    Scarborough, Ontario
    M1N 3J8


    Name:       _________________________________________________________

    Address:   _________________________________________________________


    Email :      _________________________________________________________

    Telephone Number:        _________________________________________________________

    I am interested in the Certification Program:
    YES / NO ________________________________________________

    I am registering for the Level ________________________________ by telephone on (date)______________________________________
    YES / NO ________________________________________________

    I am interested in the same Level _____________________________

    in person at 94 Birchmount Rd. on (date)____________________________________________________
    YES / NO ________________________________________________

    I may be interested in other modules throughout 2010
    Please keep me posted:  _________________________________________________________

    I have no Focusing experience: _________________________________________________________ 

    I do have Focusing experience as follows:      _________________________________________________________





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