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    Grandmother with three grandchildren

    Lucy Bowers is a certified teacher in Ontario retired from the Toronto District School Board. She is a primary specialist who has taught in Niagara Falls, Parry Sound and overseas for the Canadian Department of National Defence.

    In 1984, she learned a practice called Focusing, developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin, PhD. She first learned it from Ed McMahon, PhD and Peter Campbell, PhD as a process called Bio-Spirituality. This became a practice in her personal life for growth and healing. She became a regional coordinator for the Bio-Spiritual Institute and began teaching workshops in this work. See Building Body-Links of Hope In Ourselves & In Children <www.biospiritual.org>.

    It did not take long for her to realize the value of introducing it to the children she taught. Since then, she has become a pioneer in using Focusing to help children learn that the real teacher is within each of them. This has given children of all ages confidence and allowed self-esteem to grow. She adapted Focusing to be used in primary classrooms with an activity that the children fondly named "Elevator Rides". Lucy has presented her work throughout Canada and internationally with workshops and presentations and has had some articles published on her work.

    Her home has been a place where adults have learned and practiced various applications of Focusing in their own personal lives and in their work with children since 1991. Since that time she became a Certified Focusing Trainer with the Focusing Institute in New York offering workshops. She tutors by phone and Skype around the world. Certification is now an option she offers in her role as Certifying Coordinator for the Focusing Institute in New York. See www.focusing.org. She also tutors children, in all areas of academics, from ages 5 to 18 using a team of teachers in subject areas outside her expertise.

    Even in academic tutoring, pupils will experience being taught with Focusing Attitude and will be enabled to discover their own teacher within.

    One of her latest projects has been on an international organizing committee developing a summer school program outside New York City. The Focusing International Summer School (FISS) has attracted people from around the world to deepen their understanding and to be introduced to the many facets of Focusing. See www.focusing.org.

    The most important ongoing project in her life is using Focusing for her personal healing work. Health challenges pushed Lucy out of the classroom teaching environment and have been met with the use of Focusing and the Raw and Live Food Lifestyle as it is taught at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach Florida. See the Workshops webpage for courses on these subjects. See also www.HippocratesInst.org and www.powerofraw.com.

    On the hiking trailOther ways in which Lucy spends her time is in the pursuit of her passion of lifelong learning i.e. reading, attending workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. She is an avid hiker and enjoys live music. Lucy attends weekly gatherings of the Friday Night Toronto Song Circle with her friends. Once a month she and her musical partner present concerts in the local community. See www.acousticharvest.ca.

    Traveling is another one of her pursuits and she has organized numerous tours. The Order of the Stammtisch is an organization she incorporated many years ago which draws Department of National Defence teachers, who taught overseas with N.A.T.O., together from across Canada. The Board of Directors has representation from every province. They have reunions once a year somewhere in Canada. Newsletters three times a year keep them connected and informed. Lucy has been instrumental on the Board of Directors since its beginning in keeping this organization alive. See www.dndschoolies.ca (formerly Order of the Stammtisch).

    Four grandchildren are keeping her young and competing for her waking hours.

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